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Bookings and cancellations at Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad.

All bookings are treated the same whatever they are done by e-mail, phone, online or personal on our base in Grebbestad. When you do a booking we normally charge you 100% of the total amount in deposit. Some activities only require a booking fee and the remaining amount will be paid later but before the start of the activity. Please read the specific terms then you book. When you have made your booking you'll receive a booking confirmation. Some confirmations end up in the SPAM filter - please check! 
When you book by e mail we'll send a confirmation to you online together with a "payment request" The required payment must be done within a week to keep the booking. Payments done through the "payment request" are updated automatically in our system. Please contact us if you haven't made your payment within a week but still want to keep your booking.

Cancellation policy
If you wish to cancel a tour or activity you should be aware of our cancellation policy. If you cancel 21 days or more before departure of a tour/ beginning of an activity we only charge you 350,- SEK. ( for rental kayaks we only charge 150.- in total)
Cancellation between 20 and 8 days before an activity or tour youʼll get 75% of the total amount in return apart from the cancellation fee ( 350,-SEK / 150,- SEK). Cancellation between 7 and 1 days before the activity youʼll get 50% of the total amount in return apart from your cancellation fee (350,- SEK / 150 SEK) . If you cancel the same day or do not show up weʼll charge you the total amount and youʼll get nothing in return. By acute illness or any other accidents to you, ones fellow-travellers and close family and you have a doctorʼs or insurance company certificate you will get a total refund apart from the cancellation fee ( 350,-. kr or 150,-) Bookings made with a gift card must be cancelled at least 14 days before otherwise we regard the gift card as used.


Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad reserves the right to cancel any tour or activity due to really bad weather such as strong winds or thunder. Rain is no reason to cancel when sea kayaking. Nautopp takes no responsibility for tickets or booked hotel rooms or anything else that has affected the participants caused by cancellation or a late return according to bad weather circumstances.

If we have to cancel a tour or activity due to such circumstances we try to move the activity to an other area or date and we do not charge you/ or a total refund is given. Decision making about cancelling trips/ rentals/ activities is ONLY made by Nautopp and our guides due to safety reasons.

Please notice that some specific activities with guest coaches ,kayak holidays outside Sweden or some packages might have specific cancellation terms. Please read through the booking terms when you book. If you need to cancel an activity with a short notice you are always welcome to give the booking to an other person with no extra charge.  If you have no such person please check with your insurance company how they can help. Notice that accommodations might have other cancellation policies - please ask when booking


Terms for renting kayaks and equipment.

•We expect you to carry the kayak to save the bags of our crew (10-20 m) down to the water/ up to the cleaning station. 

•You pick up your booked kayak at 10.00 AM if you have prebooked. A later start after 11.00 am is also possible but please expect some extra time spent waiting as the shop is also open by then. Between 10.00 am. - 11.00 we only focus on pre booked rentals and help you safely on the water.

You leave the. kayak again at 17.00 PM at the same day at the latest. When you rent several days or 24 hours you can even pick up your kayak at 17.00 PM or 10.00 AM and leave it again at 17.00 pm or 10. pm the day after. Please observe that the kayak and equipment must be ready to be cleaned at 17.00 The cleaning is made by OUR crew!
•Nautopps can't be responsible to persons, kayaks or equipment that are not handed in at the center at the end of you rental. We can only offer transport if it's pre booked and paid for.
•If any equipment or kayaks are hardly damages or stolen when you return then you will need to pay for the damages or replacement. The cost will match what we need to pay to get a new kayak or equipment of the same quality.
•If the rodder or the skeg or fiber glas boats are damages when you return the kayak or you have coasted the kayak some fiberglass damages you'll pay for the repair work and material a cost of  min 2000,- SEK
•You must respect the Swedish law of "The right of public access" Please ask the staff if you need more information
•Any delays must be reported to us immediately!
•Please use your PFD at all times then you are kayaking
•Please let us know if you need tour information and suggested routes. We're here to help!

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