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Corona information - Nautopp kajakcenter Grebbestad

Please stay at home if you have symtoms of covid19 

@  Nautopp


We are a small company with great ambitions for the future. That the future has some unforeseen challenges to through at us is a fact. This time it is called Corona or Covid -19. At Nautopp we try and tackle these situations in the same manner as we would out kayaking on the sea.  To rise our heads and read the terrain ahead, to plan our route through the challenges and keep it resonatley comfortable and at the same time be ready for sudden changes in conditions. 

We are truly happy that so many enthusiastic sea kayakers stand behind us and want to be a part of our kayak trip for the future. We have come to understand that Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad and it´s location has become a hub for kayakers in Scandinavia as well as the world. That we will act as a stopover or launching spot for kayaking expeditions in northern Bohuslän region and the responsebilities that comes with it during challenging times. To make the time with us on the kayak bridge as safe and satisfying as possible for both staff and visitors we have set up some guidelines that we ask everyone to follow. 


Thank you for taking on the challenge and that you choose to come to us!

All the best/

Torbjörn och Kathrine with staff

Nautopp kajakcenter Grebbestad




Payment and check in - customer guidelines

  1. Wash your hands - Customer toilet is on the side of the main building. Please wash your hands with soap and luke warm water and and dry them off  with paper towles.

  2. Max 4 people in the shop - To minimize the exposure we kindly ask for no more than 4 persons in the shop at the same time. Contact the staff to enter.

  3. Show respect - When we move around in the shop or outside please show each other respect to other visitors and staff by keeping at least 2 meters of distance.

  4. After wash -  please feel free to also wash your hands after your visit.

Safe shop environment - Nautopp

  1. Customer toilet is cleaned regularly according to a schedule. Toilet chair, sink, handles, soap and paper container, paper bin, mirror and other exposed surfaces are cleaned with disinfection.

  2. Entrance to shop with its handel bar and front door is cleaned with disinfection two times a day.

  3. The cashier with card reader and guest computer is disinfected several times a day.



Safe bridge environment - Nautopp

  1. Equipment for activities such as paddles, cockpit rims, safety toogles and hatche covers are washed with fresh water and disinfected by Nautopp staff each day after use.



Brief and debrief on the bridge

  1. Introduction and briefs are taken care of in each separate group of rentals, courses, guided trips and always out in the fresh air.

This is some recommendations that we hope everyone will follow before we head out in the beautiful archipelago or towards other adventures.

Always remember that during challenging times you can get comfort and happiness through nature. 

Reschedule your trip and guidelines from the swedish government for international tourists? 

To meet the current situation in the world we have opened up a possibility for customers to reschedule their trips, courses and rentals to any date in 2021 or 2022. This means that all bookings made in 2021 are possible to reschedule into the future in case you or your travel companion have any symptoms. All you need to do is sending us an email before your booked time and we will reschedule your booking with out any additional costs. "No shows" are not a part of this offer and can't be rescheduled.

If you wish to cancel your booking totally and get a refund we'll follow our regular booking and cancellation policy which you'll find here

For our kayak travels outside Sweden and courses with guest coaches we have a separate cancellation policy but from 2021 you can buy an extra insurance together with your booking to be able to get a refund.


!! Important information for international visitors in Sweden during the Covid19 pandemic you'll find here


The earth has music for those who listen.

William Shakespeare

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