Outlines of the Outer Hebrides - South Uist & Benbecula Expedition


Day Schedule


Sunday 26th of August 2018
Meeting point will be in Oban at 2pm outside the ferry terminal out to the Outer Hebrides as it leaves 3pm. There are busses leaving Glasgow and Edinburgh several times a day. We will arrive at the ferry terminal on Hebrides 8.30pm where we then drive straight to our camp for the night 10m minutes drive close to next days put in. We will run you through the safety procedures, rough plans and coordination of the expedition on the ferry ride over from Oban. The accommodation during your stay on the Outer Hebrides (26 - 27th August and 1st-2nd of September) is included in the price. First night in your tent on a Holiday park and last night as a part in a double room.


Monday 27th  of August to Saturday 1st of September 2018

Expedition South Uist & Benbecula
Day starts at 8am when there will be some grocery shopping and planning your meals for the next 6 days. We will aim to be on the water right after lunch time the first day and launch at a weather wise suitable spot on the south end of South Uist.

Day to day "Plan A":

Day 1 Eriskay - Half day around the island of Eriskay. This is an small island with a great story. The year was 1745 when the Roman born Karl Edvard Stuart, or more known as Bonnie Prince Charles sat his foot right here. He then had the ambition to take back what was ones his fathers and did so the 18th of September that year. There is also a tale about a German WW2 battle ship that ran ground here with a precious cargo of 264.000 bottles of whiskey. So we may not need to buy that for the evening fire.


Day 2-3 Bag Usinis - We continue up along the coast and will now experience the east parts of South Uist which is the most remote part of the island with impressive cliffs, rockgardens and the remains of an old iron age settlement.  


Day 3-4 Wiay - Further up on the north east we pass bye a Salmon Smoke house where we may stop for an extra lunch snack. We paddle around the island of Wiay which says to be the hidding place of out dear Bonnie Prince Charlse during the battle of Calloden the year after his arrival to the Outer Hebrides. This place has a fantastic maze of islands on the west side between Benbecula and Wiay where we tired but happy choose a suitable beach to set cap. 


Day 4-6 Benbecula and Ronaigh - These days we spend around Benbecula and Ronaigh. This area has an extraordinary kombination of cosy passages, white sandy beaches towards the big Atlantic, seal colonies at Ronaigh and the tempel of "Teampall Naomh Mhicheil" and Borve Castle on Benbecula.


!! For your knowledge this is only a "Plan A" which mean that depending on the weather it may change !! 

Saturday 1st of September 

This will be a half day paddle to our hostel and time for drying and organising equipment as well as a common dinner and a well deserved beer.

Sunday 2nd of September 

Day of departure
We will leave early Sunday morning as the ferry leaves at 9am from where we arrived. The ferry will then be in Oban 2.30pm for connecting busses and flights.


Important information!
As we have a minimum of 5 participants on this expedition we strongly recommend that you wait for an confirmation from us before you book your flight tickets. This will be at the latest 60 days before departure. Flight tickets are not included. There are many good flights leaving regularly from the larger cities in Scandinavia and Europe to Glasgow or Edinburgh. From here you can then take a bus straight for 2 hours to Oban. Accommodation in Oban or other connecting destinations are not included. We recommend that you find some accommodation in Oban if your bus/es does not match properly. Food during the expedition is not included but accommodations and ferry tickets are.


No refund will be given due to cancellation as we have costs for guides and travels. Please speak with your insurance company about what works for you.