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Flora & Fauna

The Bohus coastline is home for many rare flowers and plants. Here you can find flowers that you ursually find high up in the mountains. This is not so strange as it may seem. This area is a very barren and windswept place and in winter you can easily compare it to a winter mountain. On winter journeys in the archipelago you will not meet many people in the archipelgo. 

A great number of birds nests here. Common Eider, herring gull, common gull, great black- backed gull, lesser black- backed gull, white-tailed eagle, common - and arctic tern, eurasian oystercatcher, swans, common merganser,common kestrel are some of the birds you may encounter. During autumn storms we sometimes have the pleasure to watch gannets in the area. In early spring and late autumn you can also see arctic birds as little auk, common- and black guillemot as well as razor bills. Our biggest owl is eurasian eagle-owl and one population is nesting on "Stora Kornö" island outside Lysekil. Often we hear its spooky sound when camping on the islands close by.

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