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Kayak on the Swedish west coast - but where?

Book your own private guide for a day or several days on the Swedish west coast in the ares of Bohuslän. You might want to explore the idyllic islands around Fjällbacka, the marine nature reserve Koster or somewhere else. We have been every where around the coast line and we're happy to share our best spots with you. It's also advisable to book a private guide if you kayak with children. In case you have chosen to do a self guided trip that doesn't mean that you can't book a private guide the first day to get started or to join you on difficult parts of the trip. We know the weather kind, the area, best camping spots, beaches, surt waves and where to buy ice cream.


Educated guides

Every body who works at Nautopp are educated with in the Brittish BCU and American ACA system or any other well known educational system for sea kayak guides. With local guides we offer a safe and exiting time on the ocean. Please contact us for more information on the different areas. Bring you own kayak and equipment or rent from us.

When you rent a guide you pay a day price and have the possibility to be up to 5 people.

If you bring your own gear, your kayak must have at least 2 water tight compartments, be longer than 4 meter and . You also need to wear clothes suitable for time of the year and a well fitted buoyancy aid. If not full filled may result in cancellation of trip without any refund. 


The guide is yours for 5hours during the day and if you want the instructor/guide will be happy to instruct you on different strokes or other techniques for kayaking. If you don't bring your own kayak and equipment you can rent from us.

Follow the link for Booking & Cancellation terms



3995 SEK 5 hours in the area of Grebbestad or Fjällbacka. Other areas please contact us for prices.