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22/9: Storulvån Mountain Station & Welcome

Meet up and accommodation in a shared 4 bedded rooms. Dinner is prepared by the guides and we’ll have a brief of the next coming days.

23/9 : Leg 1 ”Open mountains and Sylarna Mountain Station” 1

Storulvån- Sylarna 16 km Altitude 440m up and 145 down

After a delicious breakfast buffet in the restaurant we start the first leg of the hike towards Sylarna mountain station. We’ll hike up to the more open parts of the mountains and all the way we’ll have a great view to the dramatic mountain of Sylarna ( in good visibility)

We have a good lunch bag with us from the breakfast buffet that we enjoy on the mountain probably in one of the rest huts along the trail.

During the day we’ll practice navigation with map and compass and look further into apps on the phone that are a great tools helping you to figure out your exact position.

At arrival at Sylarna mountain station you’ll have the possibility to shower, visit the sauna and there are a special room for drying clothes and equipment. The organic 2 course dinner is served at the restaurant and accommodation is booked  for us in the cosy and new renovated dormitory.

24/9 Leg 2: ”We cross the border to Norway” 

Sylarna - Storerikvollen 19 km Altitude: 200 m up/ 460 m down.

After a good night sleep and an. Organic breakfast the longest leg of the hike will begin. This remote  part of the trip will take us across the border to Norway and the hut we’ll stay in for the night - Storerikvollen! The hut has a great charm dates back to 1897.

The character of the hut is more simple than before but extremely cosy with wood stoves and a great view towards the lake Essansjøen.

The hut is not staffed and food for the time spent in Norway we’ll carry with us. We supply the light weight food and make sure it’s both tasty and filling.

We spent the night in shared 4 bedded rooms.



25/9 Leg 3: ”Back to Sweden”

Storeriksvollen - Blåhammarens mountain station. 15 km. Altitude 505 m up/ 190 m down

After a cosy night at in Norway we’ll continue the hike back to Sweden towards ”Blåhammaren mountain station” - located at a high altitude in Sweden at an. Elevation. Of 1,086b meters above sea level. The view is breathtaking with ”Sylarna and. Helags to the south and the Norwegian mountain range to the west. The the cosy mountain station you’ll. Have the possibility to visit the sauna and take a shower before dinner is served and prepared by the guides. 

We’ll sleep once again in shared dormitory rooms. 



26/9 Leg 4:”Towards Storlien”

Blåhammaren - Storlien - 12 km. Altitude: 150 m up/ 640 m down

The last leg the trip will take you us towards the village of Storlien close to the Norwegian border. This part of the tour is not so common and we’ll probably be alone on the trail. The day is spent on the mountain ”Rundvalen” and ends in ”Storvallen” close to Storlien. 

From here we’ll make sure you’ll either get back  to Storulvån where we started if you a car waiting there for you. You can also choose to go to Åre/Duved for the autumn market that will start the next day or catch the train to the larger cities in Sweden in case you have a flight back.

An other option is to stay a few days inn Storlien and do day trips with your new skills or go to Trondheim to enjoy what a Norwegian bigger city has to offer - the choice is yours. However - what you choose to plan after the hiking tour isnot included but pleases us if you need any help planning your next move.

Please notice that the program can change due to extreme weather!

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