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Sea Kayak Safety & navigation course


Half day sea kayak course perfect for those venturing out on a self guided adventure to make the most of the trip in a safe and structured way. Or if you just want to focus your education on the fundamentals of sea kayak safety.

How do we handle a capsize in deep water and how do we empty it? What do we do if a swimmer is separated from their kayak? How do we get into the kayak again from the water? How do we navigate among all the island? What is a good route choice and the roles to follow as a sea farer? 


These are questions you might ask yourself before the trip or worst of all when you need the knowledge out in the wild.


Course content:

  • Capsize and rescues

  • Self rescue

  • Towing an empty kayak to the casualty

  • Proper and energy saving forward paddling

  • Moving and turning the boat

  • Basic navigation and route choice

  • Calculating distance, speed and time

  • Emergency call and behavior

Prior experience

- Able to swim un assisted for 50 meter.
- Being mentally okay swimming in deep water with bouyancy aid and getting your head under water for short periods of time.


- 4 hours of instruction by a well educated and experienced instructor.

- Sea kayak, bouyancy aid, paddle and spray deck as well as other safety equipment needed for the course

- Neoprene suite without arms, neoprene shoes and paddlejacket.


1295 SEK(/person)

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