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Beginner course 2 - "The core fundamentals"

- Swedish Canoe Federation (EPP)

Green Level 2 days + assessment

Swedish Canoe Federation course in sea kayaking level Green is a calm beginners course over two days. Perfect beginning for the curious paddler who has tried kayakaing a little before but want to further develop safety and technical skills for own adventures. This is where we anchore the fundamental skills through thorough introduction and lots of practice at a low pace over the two days. Main objectives for this course are to have fun, build on awareness and safety skills to be able to execute multi day trips in the inner archipelago in a group or by one self in calmer wind conditions.

The assessment will be running through out the course especially day two focusing on the personal development of each paddler. Everyone will be briefed on their individual result and future training in the end of the last day.

Maximun 6 participants on each course.

Out line - Day 1:
Meet and greet 10am at Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad. Short introduction and planning for the two days ahead according to the weather forecast. Outfitting kayaks and other equipment that will be used for the course. After some dry introductions we will soon be on the water boosting our skills both in the kayak and in the water swimming.  The day will be both theoretical and practical. Lunch is eaten on an island in the archipelago if the weather permits and the two days are paddled in the inner most protected parts of the archipelago. Everyday ends at 5pm and you will be of water at around 4pm.
Course is carried out by Nautopps certified instructors.

Out line - Day 2:

Same as above but will end with a short chat focusing on personal development and assessment results.



- Swim awareness.
- Being okay with briefly having your head under water.


What is EPP?

Swedish EPP is a national development of the EPP (European Paddle Pass) certification. This Cerfication is worked out through level Yellow – Green – Blue – Red and Black level starting at the most novice level to the most experienced. The development is on a personal level in colaboration with enhanced skill level and the exposure of the water venue.

Next level?

EPP BLUE Level, Course that will aim towards cementing the safety- and paddle technical skills and building the paddler to understand the tactical knowledge needed to fully use the potential of their learning. Also being able to observe thier own progression and self coach towards further development and prevention of injury.


- 2 day course, every day 10am – 5pm

- Last day intergrated accessment.

- Kayak, paddle, buoyancy aid, spray deck, neopren suite and paddle jacket. 


3495 SEK/ person

If wanted – Registration with the Swedish Canoe Federation and certificate. Extra fee of 150 SEK/person will be charged for Certificate card after completion.

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