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Euro paddel pass
Yellow Level 1

1 day

Level 1 yellow  Euro paddel pass training for beginners. This course gives you a great and safe start to the sport


Euro Paddel pass
Green Level 2
-Beginner continuation
2 days 

Level 2 Green Euro Paddel Pass. This 2 days course gives you tools for safe kayaking and touring.

English coming soon


Safety & Navigation for sea kayakers

Join a 4 hour safety course - perfect for those venturing out on a self guided trip.

Build your comfort on the water and boost your navigation skills to be prepared for eventualities.

Boat hanling Funday
Comfortable towards
white water

Personal skills development in dynamic waters

Level 3

Private Lesson 

Sea kayak

Master the roll, shape up your rescues or learn to play in the waves. with your personal instructor

Level 3

Rough Water Junkie
Dynamic boat handling

A day course in the rough water environment

Level 3-4



Learn the Greenland roll and all of it friends on this rolling class in Grebbestad

Level 2 & beyond

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