Boat Handling


Boat Handling Sunday

Three Sundays in spring and three in autumn we have the Boat Handling Sunday. It is a course aimed towards the dynamic environment around rocks and along a rock shoreline. Which techniques do we use? How do we read the water to see where it is safe or not? A fun Sunday for you who wants to take their paddling one step further and shape up the strokes and/or head out towards the bouncy stuff.

- Dynamic forwards and backwards 
Simplifying positioning strokes static and on the move 

- Boat trim

- Timing in wind and waves
- Low and high bracing

- Ruddering

- Catching ang bailing out

- Setting up a safe zone

- Mental awareness for muscle relaxation


Depending on the weather the focus points of the course may vary. We will always have a "build up" so that everybody feels comfortable with the environment and that it is a suitably challenged for the group with in the stretch zone. Continues communication with in the group through out the day and "safe zones" for reviewing the different sessions. 


Possible day schedule:

09am to 10am- Day starts with a short introduction of the group presentation of the possibilities that the day may offer.

10am to 12.30am  - Warm up and shaping up of techniques using the environment to our advantage. Finding land or water based spots to read dynamic water before we start to slowly interact with the dynamic water.

01.00pm - 03.00pm - Increasing our interaction and using the environment for personal development.

3.45pm to 4.30pm - back at the center. Short review of the day. 

Prior Experience

Man ska ha paddlat ett tag och känner sig trygg i kajak. Man ska ha prövat paddling i lite mer moderatsjö vid något tillfälle. Man skall ha en säker "evakuering". Ensamräddning och kamraträddning är en fördel men inte ett krav.


All Sundays start at 09am and the aim is to end at the latest 4.30pm.

We meet at the kayak center "half dressed" if you have own equipment and if you don´t you will get this from us then.

Make sure to book (not included) your self on to the "Kayakers yoga Sunday" that starts after the BHS. Really nice to soften up after a possibly tens day.

Yoga starts at 4.30pm and is for 1 hour.


Price: 1195 SEK/person/day

Price: 3000 SEK/person/all 3 Sundays


Course led by BC 5* leader and ISKGA Advanced guide Torbjörn Söderholm ( International Sea Kayak Guide Association)
- Kayak, buoyancy aid, paddle, spray deck, pump
- Dry suite, neopren shoes,  helmet


For more information about ISKGA and your possibilities to climb within the system please ask us.

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