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Cold Hawaii Sea Kayak Surf Camp in Denmark

Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad´s own sea kayak surf course in Denmark has been a huge success ever since the first event took place in 2019. Every year we run two separate weekends letting paddlers grow in the surf environment enhancing comfort and skills in breaking waves.

Brief out lines of the evnet

This sea kayak surf course is 2,5 days starting with a meet and greet on Thursday followed by practical days on water with head to head coaching Friday and Saturday and Sunday half day as a self-coaching day with feedback from the instructors.

Main goals are confidence and technical skills in the surf always having the safety of the group environmetn as a key principle and each individual in the center of their own experience. The progress of the coaching is self- exploration with direct and in-direct coaching letting the paddler get the understanding and feeling of their own development. We always work in pairs of practical and safety reasons also letting each pair push each other through the progression.


We work primarily of the main beach in the little town of Lokken in north west Denmark. This is one of the “upcoming” surf locations in Denmark and normaly has really good conditions for developing surf at all skill levels. One of the awesome things with this location is that we can drive all the way down on the beach for unloading and loading as well as lunch breaks. The town of Lokken has all luxury you need with small cafes, restaurants. As the holiday village it is there are no problem finding accommodation both in cottages, hostells or holiday parks.

Lokken is situated only 50 minutes from the ferryterminal between Gothenburg and Fredrikshamn from where it runs. It is also about 2 hours drive from the international airport Kastrup outside Copenhagen.​



  • Thursday

       Meet and greet 6pm – Introduction of coaches and the days ahead. Exact meeting spot is decided closer to the course start.

  • Friday and Saturday: Course days normaly start at 9am and ends at between 4- 5pm depending on the energy level of the group.

  • Everyday starts with warm up and is mixed with practical and theoretical coaching.

  • Söndag: (9am) – 1pm personal exploration day with on beach feedback.


Included in the price


  • Two instructors – Torbjorn Soderholm ISKGA Advanced Guide/BC advanced leader educated in North Wales and South England with over 15 years of professional sea kayaking behind him.

Alexander “Jalle” Stjernberg with a long background in coaching and guiding sea kayaking educated within several organisations focusing on sea kayaking specializing in advanced coaching at the Finish adventure school “Outdoor Academy”. Teaching surfing and tidal kayaking in Lofoten as one of the yearly events.

  • Instructions in surfing sea kayaks – 2 full days and one half day.

  • Kayak and equipment is not included but can be rented from Nautopp with 50% discount. Transport of equipment to Denmark is not included.

Price/ person: 4100,-SEK

Dates 2024:

17-20 Oktober 

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