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Fjällbacka archipelago 3 day sea kayak expedition

Join us on this guided sea kayak trip in ”paddlers paradise”. The area of Fjällbacka archipelago is well known for it’s beauty, thousands of islands and sandy beaches.

Thanks to the right of public access we offer wild camping on different islands. We enjoy the sunset and silence while creating memories for life.

The experienced guides will guide you to their favorite places and you’ll get to visit all the hidden treasures in the area. This trip is more than a guided trip as you'll also learn the basic technical skills for sea kayaking some navigation and the outdoor life in general.

Looking at what nature has to offer in terms of birdlife, common flowers and sea weed is also a great part of the journey.

The pink granite rocks will accompany you during the whole trip and our top quality equipment and kayaks will give you a comfortable experience.

Prior Experience

The trip requires no prior experience from sea kayaking. We do aim to have a least one two person kayak in the group for safety reasons and also to have the possibility to swap in case of exhaustion. Solo travelers are warmly welcome.


  • 3 days

  • The trip starts in the area of Fjällbacka or Hamburgsund on day 1. Of we have a suitable weather forecast the trip can also start in Grebbestad. We'll contact you a few days before the trip and inform you.


Pris: 6995 SEK/ person


  • All meals - from lunch day 1 to lunch day 3.

  • Snacks

  • Tea and coffee

  • Local guides

  • Fully equipped sea kayaks

  • PFD, paddel, sprayskirt

  • Tent, sleeping mattress

  • Kitchen stove + fuel

  • Plate, cup, utensils

  • Water bags for fresh water

  • Water tight bags for clothes and equipment

After booking you'll get a packing list of clothes and items we recommend you to bring. Please notice that personal clothes and sleeping bags are not included.



Tents and kitchen stoves are shared by two persons if you know each other. We do also offer 1 person tents to offer. for solo travelers. You'll put up the tent yourself but guidance and advise is never far away. The guides will help you if needed.

Food is included, prepared and served by the guides.To get the right expedition feeling the participants carry food, water and some group items in their kayak.

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