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Rolling class in Grebbestad


Learn the ancient art of rolling a kayak or work on the roll that you might already have. The Greenland roll tradition contains of 35 different rolls so why not get started this summer.

The instructors at Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad is known for their good coaching capabilities with n rolling andsthey have been trained themselves for years by  ”Kayaks ways” 

Being able to roll your kayaks is an efficient tool in self rescues and while you’re  working on it it gives you an extended  water confidence.


The course:

The days begins with some yoga poses while we get to know each other and your expectations. Yoga is the most efficient way to soften your body and is of great importance to master the roll.

Yoga also helps you to focus your mind especially below the surface.

The next step is working with your muscle memory on land and learn the movements of the roll on dry land. This will help you a great deal when your in the kayak.

During the day we’ll be working in pairs in the water with the instructors close by to give you hand on feed back.

If you have never rolled a kayak before we’ll start with the standard Greenland roll on the back deck but if you want to continue further you can also work on the forward finishing roll.

Rolls we’ll be coaching you in if you are ready beside the standard Greenland roll is butterfly roll, shot gun roll, norsaq roll, handroll, ”paddle behind the head roll, forward finishing svep roll, chest scull,.



Prior experience:

Level 2 or some prior experience from sea kayaking. No prior rolling skills is needed - we’ll work on it!



Kayak, Greenland paddles, norsaq and avatar ( tools for rolling) and we also provide Greenland kayaks to practice in. You are also welcome to bring your own kayak.

The course is between 10.00 -16.00 and we promise you’ll be tired by the end of the day.

Included is l short yoga/ stretch class before the rolling classes.


Price pr person:

1795,- in group with others. 2 instructors on maximum 8 students.



Kathrine Olufsen & Torbjörn Söderholm

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