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Our equipment

We use equipment and kayaks for our trips and rentals from top quality brands such as Valley, North Shore, Paddling Perfection, SKUK, Delta, Werner, Aqua bound, Peak uk.

Some of our kayak models in RM

North Shore:
- Atlantic
-Atlantic lv

Valley w skeg: 

-Etain 17.5

-Etain 17.7
- Sirona 16.1
- Sirona 15.10

Prijon w rudder:
- Prijon Seayak 
- Prijon Kodiak

- Prijon Grizzly

- Prijon Seatron
- Prijon Excursion ( K2)
- Prijon Poseidon ( K2)

- Prijon 

Perception w rudder:
-Essence 16
-Essence 17

Delta kayaks: ( Thermoplast w skeg or rudder)
-Delta 15s
-Delta 16
-Delta 17


Kayaks in fiberglas - all w skeg

SKUK ( Nigel Dennis designs):
- SKUK Pilgrim Expedition
- SKUK Romany Exel

Valley sea kayaks:
- Valley Avocet
- Valley Avocet LV

- Sirona 15.10
- Sirona 16.1
- Etain 17.1

- Etain 17.5
- Etain 17.7
- Gemini SP

- Anasacuta


North Shore sea kayaks:

- Atlantic

- Voyager 16.10

- Voyager 17.2

Paddling Perfection:
- Packhorse K2

Current Design:
- Unity K2 ( Expedition kayak)

To rent a fiberglas kayak you either need to participate in a guided trip or be a very experienced kayaker knowing how to handle the kayaks with out damaging them. Please contact us in advance. All damages on kayaks or skegs you'll need to pay for.

PFD: Baltic, Palm, Hiko
Paddels: Aqua Bound, Werner
Spray skirts: Peak UK, Snap Dragon, Seals
Tents: Fjällräven, Marmot, Hilleberg, Vaude, Tentipi
Kitchen stoves: Trangia
Sleeping matress: Thermarest 
First aid kit: Life systems

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