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It is not about the miles - it´s about the smiles

Unique Kayak adventure
8 days

Self guided sea kayak rental package 8 days 

8 days self guided kayak holiday in the heart of the best kayaking in Scandinavia. You'll have the possibility to experience the Swedish west coast in your own pace. Visit granite islands, sandy beaches, watch birdlife and seals and camp on your very own island. Taste the sea food and experience Swedish culture. Paddle on calm seas among sheltered islands or try the bigger swell - it's all your choice!
Our coastline is friendly with no tides - sometimes a bit windy and sometimes stunningly calm. The many islands and islets give you the possibility to choose a sheltered or more exposed route. In all our self guided packages you'll get pick up at the ending point and have the possibility to add camping gear and kayak clothing to your booking. The area between Gothenburg and Oslo is a paddlers paradise regarded as the best in Sweden but not so well known outside Scandinavia.
All you need is a sleepingbag, food and your personal clothes - the rest you can get from us! . We will go through the maps and safety intructions with you before leaving and we keep in contact with a text message every evening with an updated weather forecast. Our kayaks have plenty of room for all your gear so don't forget to enjoy a beer or a nice glass of wine out there in the wild!


Start in Grebbestad and visit Fjällbacka, Smögen and Lysekil

The route we suggest starts in Grebbestad and ends up in Lysekil further south.
In Grebbestad we'll suggest you'll start the trip with a visit to the many rocky islands with sandy beaches. Continue south to Smögen - the old fishing village. Further along the way you'll visit the archipelago of Lysekil with many seal colonies ( requires good weather to visit them)- The idyllic islands called Stora and Lilla Kornö are places with lots of old Swedish culture. It's also in this area we pick you up once you've finished the trip.
If you have prior experience from sea kayaking and a solid rescue routine you can also go north and enjoy the Koster Islands a national marine park.


Required experience

A self guided trip requires basic skills in navigation and rescue techniques. The weather by the coastline can change very rapidly but almost the whole route have alternative more sheltered routes apart from a few spots on the coastline. If you are a novice or inexperienced paddler we suggest you either book a beginners course EPP yellow Beginner or "Safety & Navigation"    or why not a private lesson before you head out. We also offer the possibility to book a private guide the whole or parts of the trip as an optional extra.
Going south is the most sheltered option - going north to the Koster Islands requires good prior experience and rescue rutines.


This is included in the "Basic package"

- Practical instructions on land in techniques, safety and suggestions for trips in the area
- Fully equipped kayak - (paddel, lifejacket, sprayskirt and pump)
- Maps with a recommended route and camping spots (mix of wilderness camping and camping with service) 
-Text message every evening with an updated weather forecast
-Pick up at the ending point.

-Cleaning of all equipment efter use.


Optional extra 1 - Campingkit Follow this link

Optional extra 2 - Kayak clothing Follow this link


Price pr person 8 days basic package 4200,-SEK
Additional fee per person for fiber glas kayak 5 or 8 days 300,-SEK / kayak


This 8 day trip is scheduled to starts on a Sundays or Wednesdays through out the season ( May- September) 

How to get here:

It's easy to get to us from any international destination - click here to learn more:

Accommodation before & after:

It's easy to get to us from any international destination - click here to learn more:


Preparation for your trip:

If you have limited experience with sea kayaking and especially general safety, rescues we suggest that you under take a kayak course to feel and to be more prepared.


Courses the day before your trip: 

Best pre trip course -  Sea kayak safety Course - 4 hours  

 Option 1 "Camping kit"

Travel light? Rent tent, cooking equipment and more from us.

Option 2 "Kayak clothing"

Save your clothes for the camp - rent kayaking clothing from us.

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