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The Shetland Isles 2022

Deep caves, majestic cliffs and an impressive flora and fauna. A memory for life. Join our two guides James Stevenson from North Wales and Torbjörn Söderholm both BC Advanced Sea Leaders and more. 

Sea kayak expedition to The Shetland Isles.

The Shetland isles are the most northerly of the British isles and is today under the Scottish flag. This is an magestic place with amazing sea kayaking and an long history of seafarers. Shetland is the home and breeding ground for a wast amount of sea birds like the Puffin, Gannet and several different Guillimots and also more and more a frekvent location for Orcas. The ouline of this Shetland adventure is that we have devided it in two different 3 day expeditions which will give us the unique oppurtunity to choose the best area for the prevailing weather. Between the two expeditions we sleep at the Islesburgh Hostel in Lerwick where we can summerize the first days and prepare for the coming. The Detailed plan of the two expeditions that you can read below is only a possibility and not an certainty. If the Swell and winds are to strong we need to choose another area and be humble to the powers of this place. How ever we will most definatly find places where we can paddel.

Prior experience:

For this adventure you need to have a good foundation of paddling skills, feel comfortable to take camp outdoors and have a good practice in deep water rescues. We expect that you are in good physical condition and have the will and mindset to do longer days up to 30km. It is also good if you have some "rough water handling" skills and feel comfortable in moderate conditions.  You should now that we will always have your safety as our first priority but it is also a great opportunity to develop as kayaker with on going coaching.

This is included:

- BCU (British Canoe Union) Level 5 star coach - ISKGA Observer - James Stevenson 
- BCU (British Canoe Union) 5 star Leader - ISKGA Advanced Guide - Guide Nautopp, Torbjörn Söderholm 
- Transport to and from the starting spots and Islesburgh hostel. 
- Kayaks (from SKUK or Valley - important that you give us your length and weight to sort out a suitable kayak), spray deck, paddel, we can also arrange bouyancy aid and simple spray top.
- Accomodation between the two expeditions at Islesburgh Hostel in 6 bed rooms (male/female separate) with shower and toilet in the korridor.   

The Expedition 2021/2022

Due to Covid19 the 2021 Shetland expedition is cancelled but we intend to offer this trip again in 2022. Please send us an e mail if you are interested in joining. We'll let you know as soon as we have new dates.


14900 SEK

(Pre payment for this expedition is 30% off the total amount which is 4470 SEK/person. The outstanding amount will be invoiced 60 days before the start of the expedition. Click the "Book" botton to come to the payment site. 

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