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Wild camping

It is not difficult to find a good campsite in the swedish northwest. Thanks to the unique right of public access in Sweden we have the opportunity to camp almost where ever we like. This privilege also includes restrictions and guidelines for how you should behave in the Swedish nature. All garbage that has been brought out on the trip is also to be brought back. You also have to show great respect towards other people and animals you may encounter. 
Please go to this website and read more about this wonderful thing:

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The campsites are often small usually not larger than 2 - 3 tents but som are bigger. On some campsites you will find outhouses and garbage disposals that you should use as far as possible. Landing are in most cases on sand but some are on low laying rocks.

Great links to accommodation

Below you'll find some great links to accommodation along the coastline in Bohuslän. 


Grebys Hotell & Restaurant ( right opposite the kayak center in the marina)

Tanumstrand SPA resort ( 15 minutes walk along the ocean to our base)
Grebbestad Hostel ( 5 minutes walk to the kayak center)

Rosenhill B&B ( 5-7 minutes walk to our kayak center)

Grebbestad Fjorden ( camping and guest house)

Trättelanda Stugby  Small cabins, camping & van parking 20 min from Grebbestad

Saltvik Holiday Park ( 10 minutes by car)

Edsvik Holiday Park ( 12 minutes by car)


Fjällbacka is a romantic village apx 10-15 minutes drive from Grebbestad.

The sea way is 15 km and will take you between 3-4 hours by kayak.
Stora Hotellet Bryggan
Richters in Fjällbacka Hostel

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