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Rough water Junkie


This kayak course will certainly get your adrenaline levels going! The course provider is Torbjörn Söderholm who’s a BC Advanced Sea Kayak Leader and ISKGS Advanced guide or coaches with similar skills.

During the day your comfort zone in rough water environments will be higher that before for sure.

The course will take place right outside Grebbestad in the area called ”Bulls head” an area known for it’s rough water conditions and treasures waters.

The themes of the day will be rock hopping, problem solving, timing the surf, rescues and self rescues together with first hand coaching.


Prior experience:

To join the course we require that you have prior experience from kayaking in waves and moderate conditions. You must able to handle your boat with different techniques and also have a confident body rescue technique. We require you have a safe and calm wet exit! We hope you have done a self rescue before but this is not a requirement to join.


For whom?

The course is a great chance for those looking to extend their confidence and personal skills with in the very dynamic environment. We’ll also look into the physiological aspects we carry with us that can either help us or prevent us for developing our personal skills. 



1 day 10.00 -17.00 of coaching in rough waters, boat, drysuit and helmet!

Please bring your personal equipment you normally use.


Important info:

We meet at 10.00 at Nautopp Kajakcenter Grebbestad before we drive 10  minutes to the launching spot.The course require min 2 participants and maximum 6.

In flat conditions the course will be moved to an other date or canceled.


1795,- SEK/ person

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