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Learn to paddle SUP!

So much more than forward paddling...



SUP course private lesson - Get started!

This is a course that gives you a safe and efficient way into the sport of Stand Up Paddling. This half day course is the perfect opportunity to realize how fun SUP really is. The course also combine technical training with a nice tour out in the archipelago so don't forget a tasty snack to enjoy out there.

Course content
- Fundamental theory about equipment

- Launching and landing your board
- Balance and posture
- Efficient forward stroke and one side forward
- Turning strokes 
- safety and rescues
- Trip planning basics


The course is a half day ( 3 hours)  in Grebbestad 

Dates 2022:

Press the button "Book" to see available dates.


1495 SEK Price pr person as a private lesson 1-4 persons

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