Kayak rental Grebbestad



Kayak rental service in Grebbestad

We have a selection of top quality rental kayaks from  Valley, North Shore, SKUK (Nigel Dennis design) Prijon and Perception. All models have either skeg or rudder as standard depending on the specific model. Paddle the west Swedish archipelago a world class sea kayak destination from our kayak center right by the waters edge.

How to book
Easiest way to book your kayak is through our web booking press the button "Book" The online booking is open until 4 pm the day before. Later requests please call us.  If you have any further questions regarding your rental send them to info@nautopp.com . 
We offer both single kayaks (K1) and double kayaks (K2) in fiberglass or PE  With Grebbestad as a starting point you can choose from a variety of coastal journeys well suited for one day trips or multi day trips



Prices - Book & Pay straight away - smooth and easy!

- Single kayak PE Plastic: 490,-/ day. 1 week 2400,- ( 7 days)

- Single kayak fiberglas: 590,-/ day 1 week 2600,- ( 7 days)

- Double kayak PE plastic: 690-/ day 1 week 2800,- ( 7 days)

- Double kayak fiberglas 790,-/day 1 week 2900,- ( 7 days)

You normally pick up your kayak 10.00 AM -and return it again at  17.00 PM. It's also possible to pick up at 17.00 and leave it again 17.00 the next day - please leave a request note telling us this while booking.
One week is 7 days in a row ( from day 5 you only pay the price for a week)

Our prices include practical instruction on land by our guides to make sure you have the basic technical skills and safety knowledge in our local waters. The rental also include PFD ( life vests) paddel and spray skirts and local sea charts. 



When booked your rental over the web you pay 25% as a booking fee the rest is payed for at arrival. You will be sent an confirmation e-mail on your rental enquiry which we will return on with a thumbs up or down. No money will be drawn from your account until everything is confirmed.  

•We expect you to clean the kayak and gear with fresh water then you return the gear. Facilities for that you'll find at our place. If you'll leave the cleaning to us it will cost you 200,- SEK pr kayak. That is also what we charge you if you leave the kayak and equipment unclean. You will be responsible for the kayak and equipment if you leave it behind outside our opening hours.
•You can pick up your kayak at 10.00 AM and leave it again at 17.00 PM at the same day. When you rent several days or 24 hours you can even pick up your kayak at 17.00 PM and leave it again at 17.00 pm the day after. Please observe the the kayak and equipment must be clean at 17.00 Sometimes we're out on the ocean so please respect the opening hours it you haven't made other agreements with us.
•Nautopps can't be responsible to persons, kayaks or equipment that are not handed in at the center at the end of you rental. We can only offer transport if it's pre booked and paid for.
•If any equipment or kayaks are damages or stolen when you return them you will need to pay for the damages.
•If the rodder or the skeg are damages when you return the kayak or you have coasted the kayak some fiberglass damages you'll pay for the repair work and material a cost of 2000,- SEK
•You must respect the Swedish law of "The right of public access" Please ask the staff if you need more information
•Any delays must be reported to us immediately!
•Please use your PFD at all times then you are kayaking
•Please let us know if you need tour information and suggested routes. We're here to help!

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